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sorry for being awol again for so long. i got out of the journalling loop. but i am back to bring you some important info that needs to be spread to as many people as we can.

i'll be the first to put my hand up and admit i know little about government, and how politics work. i just don't care how they work. however, i will sit up and pay attention when something fucked is happening though.

some of you may not think this is much of a big deal, and that's fair enough, but i think it is and i think there needs to be more attention focussed on this.

the american government is currently discussing two bills that will greatly affect how the internet works. it's to do with copyright infringement.

that is total biscuit. he does a good job explaining what's going on in simple terms. he also provides links with the lengthy details of what's going on, and some things you can do to help.

if these bills go ahead, this doesn't just censor certain things in america, this will happen globally. that is not ok. they do not have the right to tell the world what is and isn't ok to view online because big companies are worried about their earnings. men and women in their 50's - 70's who barely understand how to email should not be deciding the fate of one of the biggest advances in technology/communication to date. i know not all of them are inept, but a great majority of them have admitted they don't know what they're talking about. and they're the ones deciding this? no, just no.

this has the potential to ruin you tube, tumblr, facebook, photobucket, twitter, reddit, live journal, ANY social or sharing website that could potentially host copy righted material. it takes the onus from the user uploading these things, to the website. it throws a blanket over everything, rather than just blotting out the people that are doing the wrong thing.

australia tried pulling this shit. as far as i can tell they haven't tried passing anything as it will greatly effect the people's decision on who to vote for. who's going to vote for the party ruining the internet for everyone to try to stop child porn with ways that these fuckers will easily circumvent anyway and screw normal legal users that aren't savvy enough to use a proxy? yeah, no one.

sign here to save the internet. even if you're outside the US. show them the world thinks this is grade a bullshit and to pull their collective fingers out of their arses. this is the kind of crap that china and other countries pull that america condemns, and yet look at them now.


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